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Fancy Desktops with Free Wallpaper

I think making your workspace inspiring is important, and your computer is often a big part of that. Having a bland and basic desktop background does not equal inspiring space in the least. And if you are me, you no longer have time to make your own desktops like I used to (that was actually how I first started learning to use Photoshop, hurray for being self-taught!) Fortunately there are a great many fantastic and free downloadable desktop wallpapers around the webisphere. I have collected some here. Hopefully they can contribute to your inspirational work spaces:

Fossil often comes out with fantastic wallpapers and this one of their best


Lucian Marin is gracious enough to offer up fantastic wallpapers on his website. This one is superb for designers.


This is just one of many inventive wallpapers from the Desktop Wallpaper Project.


Smashing Magazine always collects fantastic wallpapers every month from various artists. This one is nice and simple and lovely.

Bad Decisions Make Great Stories Desktop wall paper

This was originally from 55 Hi's but appears the original file is gone. I found it on Chic-Type.






Inspired at a Health Food Store

I recently took a trip to the Weatsfield store in Ames, Iowa. As I walked around the new store, I found myself coming across inspiring product designs. I won’t lie, I often buy things based on their packaging and weather I like the design. (Coffee is one particular example) It would seem, after walking through Wheatsfield, that health food and local companies certainly seem to know how to design a product.

Well I hope you were inspired by my findings as well. If you come across any outstanding product designs make sure to share them with me!

Website Inspiration: Arun’s Folio

I’ve been looking at portfolios a lot now as I’m starting to design my own. There are so many options out there, and fantastic sites it’s hard to decide what to do for a design. One thing I do know it that I want to include purple as a main color. I am pretty in love with the color purple; it’s the color of my birth gemstone (February:Amethyst), the color of my University (UNI Panthers, purple and gold), and it is considered the color of creativity. What’s not to love? Arun’s folio is a purple and white based portfolio for that manages to use a bright purple and not make it seem obnoxious.

great use of doodles

I'm not sure how I feel about the white on the dark purple. It's a bit hard on the eyes

great use of the idea of contact (snail mail goes digital)

Creative Cards

I wanted to do another post with some great examples of business cards. Here are some great ones I’ve come across recently:

Website Inpsiration: Mkt Virtual

I came across this fantastic website.  There are some flash and some non-flash elements – it is truly fantastic.  There isn’t a lot I can say to explain how great it is, you really need to take a look for yourself.  Some highlights are:

The Interactive Header

The Footer (fantastic and adorable!)


Other than that just check it out; it is super fantastic.  Kudos to the people at Mkt Virtual!

Website Inspiration: Pixelslave

I’m very impressed with this website! A unique layout and color scheme in addition to animations that made me assume it HAD to be flash. But, to my surprise, it is all done in JavaScript. I think that is fantastic! (I’m slightly desperate to learn JavaScript) I love the transitions and squares and really just the whole site. So here it is, Pixelslave:

You really have to look through the site to appreciate it for all that it is, as the transitions and such are fantastic.

Website Inspiration: Design Zoom

I drooled a little when I found this website.  It’s bright and fun with lots going on but it’s not overwhelming. The color scheme is unique, the use of typography is amazing, and it the layout is really interesting.  Overall just an awesome (one page) site.

I love how the creator carried the menu bar throughout the site connecting it to letters of the separate headings


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