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Be Amazed by Cinemagraphs (animated GIFs)

First of all, what the heck is a GIF? In a nutshell, a GIF (or Graphics Interchange Format) is a file format that allows for  a series of photos or images to be strung together and cycled through on a set time frame (not unlike a slide show). Generally, they are found running in an endless-loop. They used to be seen most commonly as those horrid smiley faces and words and angels and signs that jumped and waved and tried to get your attention on early websites. Or they were used to bling-up pre-teen MySpace pages. (not that I would know anything about that…)

I am extremely impressed by those who now make  gorgeous, artistic GIFS out of a series of photos. They are simply stunning. And the main names associated with creating wonderfully artistic and beautiful gifs? That would undoubtedly be:
Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

They coined the term “cinemagraph” to describe these types of photo GIFs. Take a look and be amazed. Then, go check out Jamie’s tumblr (From Me To You) and their cinemagraph site for more! 





Have you ever made a GIF? I did for a class but I’m to embarrassed to put it up with these outstanding ones. But if you have any of your own, or want to share any others not done by Jame and Kevin please leave a comment!

Plus tell me which is your favorite! Either on from here or from their site or Jamie’s tumblr.


Tea Time with Design

About a year ago I did a post about creatively designed tea infusers. People do a lot of awesome design work with tea pots, infusers, coffee mugs, coffee pots, and a whole mess of over beverage related items. Most recently on my radar are wonderfully and uniquely designed tea bags. If you haven’t seen any, be prepared to be blown away. I think anyone would drink more tea if they had these, sadly I believe all of these are only design concepts and not available for purchase.


Soothing origami with soothing tea. A perfect combination from Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva.


A tea bag that folds out to an origami boat and floats on top of your tea. Adorable. (Found on Swiss Miss)


The Tbag uses the pronunciation of tea quite literally.


This is one of my all time favorites. I found it a long time ago and find it incredibly clever. Designed by Soon Mo Kang

Inspired By Prints

I am constantly finding new and fabulous prints that I want to hang everywhere, especially around my computer where I tend to do most of my creative work. Since I find them so inspiring I thought I’d share a few and perhaps inspire some of you (did you catch the rhyme?)

Don't Forget To Be Awesome Inspirational 11x14 Print
If someone insists I must, I must.

Etty Hillesum Quote - Digital Color Print
Perfect for the days when you are so frustrated you might cry. (we’ve all been there)

This one doesn’t require any additional comment.
Acidfruit | Mohammad Awwad
Just for fun. I have yet to find this actual print, if anyone knows where I can get it or one like it PLEASE let me know. I would love to have it.

Iron and Wine

One of my favorite bands to listen to when I’m working on writing or design work. Coincidentally they  have artists (usually from the city where they are having their concert) make amazing posters for their shows. I wanted to share a great song of theirs and a few of their awesome concert posters. Scroll to the bottom and you can listen to the song while you look through the poster designs.


This is my personal favorite poster of the bunch and it was designed by Dan Stiles in Portland.

This one is probably my second favorite and was created by Jeff Kleinsmith in Seattle.

This one was done by Dan Grzeca for their US tour:

And here is one of their amazing songs:




A new kind of sculpture

Sculptured typography.

That phrase alone is enough to peak my curiosity.  Thanks to the site craftgawker I came across a short post the All Things Paper blog and was, much to my delight, introduced to the work of Bianca Chang. What she does with paper takes extreme patience, but her results are beautiful.

She’s managed to put typography into a sculptured form. The only issue I have is that I can’t see all of the alphabet. I hope she is working on letting the world see that as well as what she has showcased on her website. A few examples:

She posted a video to accompany this letter. View it here.








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