The Unveiling of My Portfolio

I’ve been busy lately, hence the lack of posts. I was finishing designing and building my very own portfolio website. This was a mammoth project for me simply because I was so obsessive-compulsive about it being just right. Understandable since this site sort or represents me. And by sort of, I mean does. It’s still not exactly where I would like it to be, but it’s definitely presentable.

I am hosting through Web Hosting Hub and am pretty happy with their service so far. There have been a few bumps along the way but all and all it’s worked like it is suppose to. They also give you $75 of adwords credit, but I’m not sure what exactly I want to do with that just yet.The rest of my work has been done in Photoshop and Dreamweaver. And I feel a little like a pro when it comes to CSS now as that was the main code used in the website. In reality I’m probably still only in the intermediate stage of knowledge rather than advanced, but that’s still something.

Without further ado, I present



A New Resume (part 2)

A while back I did a post about graphically designed resumes. The fact is, a resume may be the first impression a potential employer gets of you. If you are applying for a design position, or if that is just one of your skills, having a resume that can show a hint of your design abilities is important. It’s doubly so if you don’t have a web portfolio they can just link to and see your work.  However, your resume needs to be easy to print as well as visually appealing. Take a look at some examples:

This uses a unique logo and white space effectively for a visually appealing resume
(akashrine on deviantart)

The vertical design here is superb. And this looks great and is a good example of good document design (littlearashi on deviantart)

typo-resume-design by keiwai
This one really pushes printability, but it is very unique and visually stimulating.
(keiwai on shadowness)

The orange probably wouldn’t print the best, but otherwise it looks great!
(Roland Martial on Behance)

I will keep an eye out for the other ones and I will share if I find anything great! Please share if you find anything amazing.

Website Inspiration: Arun’s Folio

I’ve been looking at portfolios a lot now as I’m starting to design my own. There are so many options out there, and fantastic sites it’s hard to decide what to do for a design. One thing I do know it that I want to include purple as a main color. I am pretty in love with the color purple; it’s the color of my birth gemstone (February:Amethyst), the color of my University (UNI Panthers, purple and gold), and it is considered the color of creativity. What’s not to love? Arun’s folio is a purple and white based portfolio for that manages to use a bright purple and not make it seem obnoxious.

great use of doodles

I'm not sure how I feel about the white on the dark purple. It's a bit hard on the eyes

great use of the idea of contact (snail mail goes digital)

Yoga and Pilates Business Cards

There are some fantastic and extremely unique business cards out there. Recently I have come across quite a few fantastic ones in regards to Yoga and Pilates. It’s easy to see why these exercises lend themselves to such unique designs if you’ve ever practiced either. I’m inclined to think the designers of many of these cards had done so.

And my personal favorite (by far):

I had trouble finding sources for these cards, if you have any of the sources/designers please let me know.

Inspired By Prints

I am constantly finding new and fabulous prints that I want to hang everywhere, especially around my computer where I tend to do most of my creative work. Since I find them so inspiring I thought I’d share a few and perhaps inspire some of you (did you catch the rhyme?)

Don't Forget To Be Awesome Inspirational 11x14 Print
If someone insists I must, I must.

Etty Hillesum Quote - Digital Color Print
Perfect for the days when you are so frustrated you might cry. (we’ve all been there)

This one doesn’t require any additional comment.
Acidfruit | Mohammad Awwad
Just for fun. I have yet to find this actual print, if anyone knows where I can get it or one like it PLEASE let me know. I would love to have it.

Flash Drive Makeover

I have three flash drives. One of which is a Quirky Split Stick so counts as two. Flash drives are so important though if you are like me and running around from place to place with various projects most of the time. Not only having them, but keeping them safe from the possibility of say a computer crashing.

Well the design of flash drives has really gotten impressive. People are stepping it up when it comes to both the look and the overall functionality of a flash drive. Take a look below to see what I mean.

Oooms Wooden USB

Logical Art Jewelry+Flash Drive Collection

Logical Art Jewelry+Flash Drive Collection



Yanko Design Aroma USB (doubles as an air freshener)

unnamed l9s0stuy5m 4GB FlashHarp   Flash Drive + Harmonica

Flash Harp: A flash drive and a playable harmonica in one.

And those are just a few of many. I am torn between wanting the flash harp or the Logical Art jewelry ones…

Occupy the Internet

As many if not most throughout the nation are doing, I have been researching Occupy Wall Street. I wanted to get a better sense of who they are and what they want. I want to be informed, as should everyone, however that is another issue entirely.While going through this article and that website, I noticed that some of these site which have gone up quite quickly are pretty great the time crunch considered. Occupy Together, is one I particularly liked and it also gave me some information about how the web is being involved.

May First, a web hosting service is offering free web hosting to Occupy related websites. I find that absolutely terrific. The organization itself sounds terrific, stating on their about page that “MF/PL is an organization that redefines the concept of “Internet Hosting Service” in a collective, progressive and collaborative way.” It will take a little more time than a traditional server would to get the site up and running, but that’s because they are volunteers according to Occupy Together. Regardless of the time table, this is a fantastic resource. The internet should be a medium for expressing just this sort of discontent, and I’m glad to see that at least one web hosting service is on board with that idea.

Occupy Together Website:

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