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Tea Time with Design

About a year ago I did a post about creatively designed tea infusers. People do a lot of awesome design work with tea pots, infusers, coffee mugs, coffee pots, and a whole mess of over beverage related items. Most recently on my radar are wonderfully and uniquely designed tea bags. If you haven’t seen any, be prepared to be blown away. I think anyone would drink more tea if they had these, sadly I believe all of these are only design concepts and not available for purchase.


Soothing origami with soothing tea. A perfect combination from Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva.


A tea bag that folds out to an origami boat and floats on top of your tea. Adorable. (Found on Swiss Miss)


The Tbag uses the pronunciation of tea quite literally.


This is one of my all time favorites. I found it a long time ago and find it incredibly clever. Designed by Soon Mo Kang


Inspired at a Health Food Store

I recently took a trip to the Weatsfield store in Ames, Iowa. As I walked around the new store, I found myself coming across inspiring product designs. I won’t lie, I often buy things based on their packaging and weather I like the design. (Coffee is one particular example) It would seem, after walking through Wheatsfield, that health food and local companies certainly seem to know how to design a product.

Well I hope you were inspired by my findings as well. If you come across any outstanding product designs make sure to share them with me!

Flash Drive Makeover

I have three flash drives. One of which is a Quirky Split Stick so counts as two. Flash drives are so important though if you are like me and running around from place to place with various projects most of the time. Not only having them, but keeping them safe from the possibility of say a computer crashing.

Well the design of flash drives has really gotten impressive. People are stepping it up when it comes to both the look and the overall functionality of a flash drive. Take a look below to see what I mean.

Oooms Wooden USB

Logical Art Jewelry+Flash Drive Collection

Logical Art Jewelry+Flash Drive Collection



Yanko Design Aroma USB (doubles as an air freshener)

unnamed l9s0stuy5m 4GB FlashHarp   Flash Drive + Harmonica

Flash Harp: A flash drive and a playable harmonica in one.

And those are just a few of many. I am torn between wanting the flash harp or the Logical Art jewelry ones…

Coffee Break

I have a confession to make. I judge things by their packaging. And when it comes to coffee, I love the new packaging of Seattle’s Best Coffee:

So in the spirit of great coffee packaging I thought I would showcase a few:

I like the “doodle” feel of this packaging. The brown and blue color combo is also great.

The chalkboard motif is great here! And I love the cursive “organic” with the bold “coffee”.

The individual symbols on each of these packages is what really synches this as an amazing design.

[Tea] Infused with Design

I’m often surprised by the extreme design of regular day objects.  I am particular fond of those related to tea as there are so many and they can be so interesting from tea bags to tea cups…everything. This particular post is about fun and designed tea infusers (mostly ocean related):

The Tea Sub


Tea Diver

And (for a little word play fun):

Tea Rex

iPad Dock Designs

I’ve been coming across some fantastic iPad dock designs, so I thought I’d share.  (I myself don’t have an iPad but but if I did I’d want some of these) Most of the things I come across seem to be going with a retro feel, bringing the new to the old:

How awesome is this? It’s okay if you drool a little, I know I did…

Retro TV, great for letting little kids watch things on your iPad:

And the ultimate design (in my opinion):

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