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Simple Posters – Find Simplicity in Design

Sometimes posters – for movies, events, or anything really – are just too cluttered. And I often feel like there is some abuse of photography. Too many poster designs hanging up just throw up a picture and call it good. Movie posters in particular do this. It obviously works considering the amount of posters that are bought, but I wouldn’t call it great design. Great design should capture the essence of its subject by using only what is necessary. Great design, is simple. I’m happy to see a recent trend among designers leaning toward simplicity in design, particularly movie posters. (Apparently I’m not the only one who doesn’t like the current movie poster designs). I’ve collected a few simple poster designs below, movies are the prevailing genre that use posters, but I’ve included a other examples as well.


I love that all the words are connected and that the lines don't "stop" but appear to keep going beyond the paper. Found originally here.


There are a lot of simple Inception posters out there, which is interesting as the idea is considered complex, but this is by far my favorite. The simple showing of three levels with the last falling apart. Simplicity at it's finest. Designed by Christopher Conner

simple poster design of rock music

Each designer was asked to represent a musical genre using one element and one typeface, this is my favorite of the bunch. From edits by edits, found here.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World by Blake Jones

A great minimalist depiction of Scott Pilgrim vs the world by Blake Jones.


Inspired at a Health Food Store

I recently took a trip to the Weatsfield store in Ames, Iowa. As I walked around the new store, I found myself coming across inspiring product designs. I won’t lie, I often buy things based on their packaging and weather I like the design. (Coffee is one particular example) It would seem, after walking through Wheatsfield, that health food and local companies certainly seem to know how to design a product.

Well I hope you were inspired by my findings as well. If you come across any outstanding product designs make sure to share them with me!

Design Quote Posters (Etsy)

I still spend a lot of time searching for really great prints about being creative, and often specifically about design. For Christmas I received this wonderful print from etsy about creativity:

8x10 "Creative Life" Print
Wonderful, yes? But I keep looking for the inspiring poster that are everywhere on the web. I may be looking for creative inspiration, design inspiration, or something that will make me work as hard as I can on my project. Here are a couple of other ones  I’ve come across on Etsy:

Design - Quote Print Limited Edition 3/5
Good for those long nights when you wonder why you started designing in the first place.
MAGIC poster print
In addition I had to share this great print from The Heads of State. How wonderful is this:
Hegel quote poster
This last is my favorite for now. Hopefully I will have more to share sooner rather than later!

Yoga and Pilates Business Cards

There are some fantastic and extremely unique business cards out there. Recently I have come across quite a few fantastic ones in regards to Yoga and Pilates. It’s easy to see why these exercises lend themselves to such unique designs if you’ve ever practiced either. I’m inclined to think the designers of many of these cards had done so.

And my personal favorite (by far):

I had trouble finding sources for these cards, if you have any of the sources/designers please let me know.

Inspired By Prints

I am constantly finding new and fabulous prints that I want to hang everywhere, especially around my computer where I tend to do most of my creative work. Since I find them so inspiring I thought I’d share a few and perhaps inspire some of you (did you catch the rhyme?)

Don't Forget To Be Awesome Inspirational 11x14 Print
If someone insists I must, I must.

Etty Hillesum Quote - Digital Color Print
Perfect for the days when you are so frustrated you might cry. (we’ve all been there)

This one doesn’t require any additional comment.
Acidfruit | Mohammad Awwad
Just for fun. I have yet to find this actual print, if anyone knows where I can get it or one like it PLEASE let me know. I would love to have it.

Looking for Inspiration

I have, for some time now, been throwing around the idea of developing a logo for myself to put on my not yet existent portfolio site as well as my resume and such. Partly, I just like logos and sort of want one for myself. But there is also a precedent for basically “branding” yourself when going out into the world to find work. So I’ve been looking for some inspiration. Here are a few that I found:

Oskar Kullander branding, found on Behance:

I’m a little sad I didn’t come up with this logo myself. I love the circle and including a ‘K’ is definitely and option for me

Design Mark found on Logo Pond:









I really like the idea of creating a logo using punctuation marks. I like this one in particular because it forms the letters (D and M) of the business name.

found on Creattica:










I like the simplicity of this one.

And the last one for today:
found on The Design Inspiration:

Honestly…I just would love to put a giraffe in my logo. They are my very favorite.

Iron and Wine

One of my favorite bands to listen to when I’m working on writing or design work. Coincidentally they  have artists (usually from the city where they are having their concert) make amazing posters for their shows. I wanted to share a great song of theirs and a few of their awesome concert posters. Scroll to the bottom and you can listen to the song while you look through the poster designs.


This is my personal favorite poster of the bunch and it was designed by Dan Stiles in Portland.

This one is probably my second favorite and was created by Jeff Kleinsmith in Seattle.

This one was done by Dan Grzeca for their US tour:

And here is one of their amazing songs:




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