Digital Etiquette

New mediums for communicating have opened up a new genre of etiquette to go along with them. Sadly, the longer we use the new technologies the more frequently we seem to ignore simple manners that should never be forgotten whether they are new because of new technology or just a good old fashioned ‘thank you’. So as a reminder for those of us who may have strayed off the path of good manners in the digital world, and also to pass along to the generations below us, here are some basics of digital etiquette:

Email Etiquette from Inspired Mag:

click image for all 15 tips

Blog Etiquette from The Original Mudd Puppy (I hope I follow these pretty well)

Twitter Manners also from Inspired Mag:

click picture for more

And finally, a great video on Facebook manners from College Humor that goes over a few essential facebook rules:

There could be an entire separate post on Facebook Manners it’s gotten so out of control, but for now we will leave it at this.


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